Can I change the email address of my account?

You can change the e-mail address yourself if you are using the Joyn user app:

  • Open the user app and log in with your user credentials
  • Press ‘profile’ on the bottom right
  • Select ‘account & profile’ on top of the screen
  • Select ‘change e-mail address’
  • Enter the new e-mail address and continue. This e-mail can’t be an e-mail address that is linked to an existing Joyn account.
  • Press ‘open e-mail app’ (this can be gmail, outlook,…) and it should open with the account linked to the newly entered e-mail address.
  • Joyn automatically sends an e-mail. Open the e-mail and press ‘verify e-mail address’
  • Enter your existing Joyn password
  • The app logs out automatically – open the app again and enter your new e-mail address (if not shown automatically) and your current password to log in
  • A success message is shown

Enjoy your Joyn app!


Unfortunately, you cannot change your email address yourself in the online user portal . To adjust it, we recommend sending an e-mail to
Please state in your message which email address you have used for Joyn so far and which address you would like to use in the future. We will then arrange it for you.

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