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Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty, fidelity, commitment sincerity… All synonyms of the same word. And the meaning? Difficult to explain and yet so telling.

When you speak of loyalty, you speak of a relationship of trust between merchant and customer. Your service is in the spotlight! Do you provide a pleasant shopping experience, time after time? Are you unique among your fellow traders? Then you can be sure that you will see your customers coming back. Give your customers a reason to trust you and they will gladly return that trust to you.

Joyn is the Belgian market leader in loyalty.

Thanks to their digital customer card, the user-friendly loyalty platform and their additional services, you turn every new customer into a loyal, returning customer. This makes Joyn the loyalty solution for every merchant, small and large.

Today, no less than 7,500 merchants use the Joyn platform to sharpen their customer relationships. They provide more than 2 million satisfied Joyn users and 100,000 transactions per day.

An important question… with a surprising answer!

A loyalty program plays an important role in keeping your customers happy. 20% of your loyal customers provide you with 80% of your income! You read that right: your loyal customers keep your business running. And that deserves a reward, doesn’t it?

Loyalty is the most important connection between customer and merchant. And you get that feeling of trust in different ways:

  1. Personalize your communication. Keep your customers informed about exceptional offers, any changes or fun facts.
  2. Talk to your customers. Are you going on vacation? Nice! Share it with them and start a conversation. What are they most looking forward to after your return?
  3. Your customers deserve the spotlight. Are they celebrating a birthday, a special occasion or an ordinary weekday? Wish them a big congratulations and give them a nice discount as a gift… Thank them for their loyalty.
  4. Haven’t seen your customers in a while? Let them know you miss them and hope to welcome them back to your business soon.

Dare to trust your relationship with the customer and turn all your customers into loyal fans!

Joyn is fully GDPR compliant. Use the Joyn platform to communicate with your customers carefree. And all this in accordance with the rules of Belgian and European legislation on privacy.