What is the comment box for with each customer?

The comment box under ‘Customer data’ enables you to keep track of comments about your customers. These notes help you serve your customers even better on their next visit.

Running a fashion shop? In that case, you can use this box to log your customer’s measurements. Or in the case of a hair salon, for example, you can keep track of which colour or brushing you did last time. Perhaps your customer orders the same item on a regular basis? In that case, use the box to add this order.

How do you add a comment?

  1. Go to the Joyn merchant portal (business.joyn.eu) and log in.
  2. Press the ‘Customers’ tab.
  3. In the column ‘Actions’, press on ‘Customer data’.
  4. Scroll to the ‘Comment box’ and enter your comments. 

Next time your customer comes in, check the comments box and you can offer your customer a first-class service.

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