What statistics can I find in the Joyn merchant portal?

You can find an overview of all statistics and data of your customers under the ‘Statistics’ tab in your Joyn merchant portal.

At the top, you can see a dynamic graph that shows the scanning behaviour of your customers. You can filter the graph by period and by scans. What are the busier periods in your shop? Which coupons perform better? And which less? You can find the answers to these questions in this graph.

The statistics continue underneath the graph:

  • Your total number of customers
  • A percentage of your customers, divided by gender, age and place of residence
  • The number of rewards redeemed in the last 30 days
  • Your percentage of loyal customers. Click here to discover how to set the percentage of loyal customers.
  • Unique, new and returning customers in the last 30 days, or the last 6 months

These statistics provide you with an insight into the performance of your loyalty programme. View the data and use it to promote your shop, campaigns and rewards even more!

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