How does an automatic reminder campaign work?

Since the customer used his card with you in the past, our tool can check when his or her last visit was. You decide when the reminder goes out. For example, after 30 days, 90 days or after 180 days of absence or after 1 year.

The email can be filled entirely according to preference. No part of the automatic layout of Joyn states that your customer receives this email, because you haven’t seen him for a while. So you do not necessarily need to state that that is in fact the reason.

If the customer visits you again after receiving the automatic email, the period for sending the reminder email starts counting from day one after his most recent visit. Do not set the term too short to prevent your customers from receiving reminders too often.

If the customer does not visit the shop after he has received the email, he will not receive any new reminders.

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