How do I integrate Joyn and my webshop?

Integrating your Joyn loyalty program to your webshop gives your consumers the option to save points and redeem rewards when shopping online. There are two separate steps needed from you to make both of these options available.

  1. Saving points
    This allows your customer to save points after every purchase at your webshop. We have a solution available for several webshop platforms. Below is a list of the available platforms and a step by step on how to integrate
    1. WooCommerce
    2. Bestelonline
    3. Unipage
    4. Shopitag
    5. One2three
    6. Magento (soon)
    7. PretaShop (soon)
    8. Shopify (soon)
    9. Don’t see your platform here? Please send an email at 

    After your consumers pay they will be able to scan the Joyn QR code at the order confirmation page and/or order confirmation email. They must use the Joyn app (available for iOS and Android) to scan the QR code. 

  2. Creating online rewards
    Creating online rewards at the Merchant Portal will make the rewards available to your consumers. Below a step by step on how to create
    1. Generate unique codes
      1. These are not generated by Joyn. You need to generate codes in your webshop by using a plugin or the default code generator.
    2. Create the reward at your webshop using the unique codes that were generated
      1. Often this will be done in the same flow as the unique code generation.
      2. Define the reward name, duration, if there’s a minimum amount order, etc.
    3. Create the reward at the Joyn Merchant Portal
      1. You must use the same information that was used at your webshop, but you will also define the number of points needed to redeem the reward at Joyn.
      2. While it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you add your webshop link at the general settings page. This will allow consumers to easily find your webshop.
      3. If you have multiple shops, read this step. If not, skip.
        1. Create rewards for each “shop <> webshop” with different unique codes.
        2. Be especially careful to fill in all webshop urls.
        3. If you have multiple shops but only one of them has a webshop, don’t select “all shops” when creating the reward. 
      4. When creating rewards you can choose to notify your Joyn app consumers. 
      5. Manage your webshop rewards
        1. You may edit, deactivate or delete your rewards at any time.
        2. Adding and deleting unique codes is also possible. For deleting, it is possible only for the codes that were not activated by a consumer yet.
        3. You will receive an email when you are running out and when it has run out of unique codes. 
        4. When codes are deleted in the Merchant Portal, they still have to be deleted on the webshop platform and vice versa. 

Your consumers will be able to see and redeem your rewards at the Joyn app. When they redeem a reward they will have access to a unique code, which they must insert at the checkout page of your webshop. 

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