Who is behind Joyn?

Joyn was founded in 2014 as ‘City Life’, a spin-off from Mobile Vikings. The vision of inspirers Frank Bekkers and Koen Desmedt: Bring merchants and customers closer together. From the outset, they offered digital tools to local merchants and the hospitality industry to connect closely with their customers. Future shareholders, KBC and Mediahuis, strongly believed in the concept and supported the company.

Joyn was formed in 2016, following the merger of CityLife with Qustomer. ING joined as a shareholder as well. The merged companies joined forces and Joyn immediately became the leading player in Belgium in the field of loyalty and digital marketing for small and medium-sized merchants.

Today, Joyn has grown into a B2B SaaS company, where users can create, manage and promote their customised loyalty programmes. And all that with the support of its shareholders: KBC, ING, BNP Paribas Fortis, and the founders. A strong quartet with a heart for loyalty.

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