What different apps are available to merchants?

Are you a merchant? In that case, you have access to 3 different apps or portals, which are very easy to use.

  • The Joyn merchant portal: This is the main portal you get started with. It offers an overview of statistics, transactions, your customer base, campaigns, coupons, rewards and more. The more you consult the merchant portal, the more effective your loyalty programme will run. Click here to discover which functionalities the merchant portal offers.
  • The Joyn Business App on tablet: The Joyn Business App makes awarding points a doddle. Your customer scans the QR code, and you enter the amount to be paid. Based on that amount, points are awarded to the customer card. Your customers can also opt to redeem rewards once they have accumulated enough points.

    With the payment integration within the Joyn Business App, your customer not only scans, but also pays in one go. Click here to discover what payment integrations are possible.

  • The Joyn Business App on smartphone: Do you offer home delivery? Or are you on the road often? With the smartphone app, you can award points like on the tablet, but it is easier and smaller to carry with you.

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