I’ve sent an email with a coupon. What next?

  1. Your customers receive, open and read your email.
  2. They click on the ‘Activate coupon’ button.
  3. Once they have pressed that button, the coupon is linked to their account.
  4. When they visit your shop, you follow the same procedure as normal.
    You press ‘Start’ or ‘Scan card’ and enter the number of points. The customer scans the QR code of his or her Joyn card or app on your tablet or smartphone and a pop-up window appears, stating that your customer is entitled to the coupon.
  5. Redeem the coupon by pressing the confirmation button.
  6. The customer receives his bonus and the points earned with this purchase.
  7. The fact that the coupon was redeemed is now registered in your transactions. You can download this data later and enter it in your accounting records.

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