I get a message that my card is already linked to another email address. Now what do I do?

When you get this message, it means you are trying to scan a card that is already registered under the email address of another Joyn user. If the intention still is to

1. Open the Joyn app on your smartphone.
2. Tap “Tap to scan QR code”.
3. Confirm that you want to make the link. The account holder of the card in question will now receive an email asking them to confirm the link.

As soon as the account holder of the card in question confirms the link, his or her account will be merged with yours. This means all points and cards are transferred from one account to another. The account under which the card was previously registered will then be deleted.

The merge of different accounts cannot be undone. So check carefully whether you really want to merge the accounts in question before taking the above steps.

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