Where can I find an overview of all the rewards offered by a merchant?

Of course, you’d like to know what you are saving for and Joyn and your favourite merchant understand that all too well. There are several ways to see what rewards your merchant offers.

Via the Joyn app:

1. Open the Joyn app on your smartphone and find your merchant.
2. Press the shop of your merchant and scroll down.

If your merchant has set up rewards, you can find them here. Have you already saved at these merchants? Then it will show you how many points you still have to save before you can redeem a reward.

Via shops.joyndev.kinsta.cloud, you follow the same procedure as via the app.

Your merchant can also share the rewards with you in different ways. For example, there may be an overview in the shop or your merchants may communicate the (latest) rewards via social media. So be sure to check out his/her profile and follow your merchant!

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