What types of email campaigns are available?

With Joyn, you can create three types of email campaigns.

  1. Want to start a last-minute promotion or announce your holiday period? With a one-time campaign, you can quickly and easily send a promotional email to your customers. The trump card? Your customers are always looking forward to a new promotion!
  2. Happy birthday! With Joyn’s automatic birthday campaign, your customers will be congratulated by email and receive a nice coupon as a gift. All you have to do is set up the birthday campaign once. Your email marketing tool and customer database will do the rest.
  3. Haven’t seen your customers in a while? An automatic reminder campaign sends out a pre-set email and coupon to your customers. This way, you encourage them to come and visit your shop soon!

As a Joyn user, you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Have you already launched an automatic birthday campaign or reminder campaign? You can send out an additional, one-time campaign just as easy. Click here to discover how to set up email campaigns.

Want to welcome new customers to your shop? Thanks to the Joyn Advertising campaign, Joyn users in the local area will be notified of your shop on their smartphone. Click here to find out more about the advertising campaign.

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