What information can I find under the ‘Transactions’ tab in the Joyn merchant portal?

Figures, reports, payments… You can find it all under the ‘Transactions’ tab.

The transactions provide you with an insight into how your shop is performing. This page is also very useful for accounting purposes. The figures can be found under three tabs:

  • Loyalty: You will find a detailed overview of your loyalty transactions. How many points were saved with the purchase? What reward has your customer redeemed?
  • Payments: Payments via Joyn are shown here. Do you only use the Joyn Business App to award points? In that case, this page will remain empty. With the various payment integrations you can speed up the payment process and your customers enjoy the convenience of paying via Joyn. Click here to discover what payment integrations Joyn offers.
  • Reports: On this page, you will find various reports that will provide you with an insight into your rewards and coupons redeemed. You can filter the data by period, type or year and download the reports in PDF or CSV. 

By regularly analysing this data, you can better assess the purchasing behaviour of your customers. What are the peak times in your shop? Was there a particular promotion that was very successful? Use these insights to make your shop even more successful.

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