What can I do with the Joyn Business App?

The Joyn Business App is your best friend in your shop and in your pocket. The app on tablet and smartphone differ slightly, but we are working hard to synchronize the two systems. What can you do with it?

  • Enter the amount to pay, scan the QR code or the card and Bob’s your uncle! The points have been automatically awarded.
  • With the payment integrations, you can scan and pay via Joyn. Click here to discover how to use the payment integrations on your tablet.
  • Has your customer saved enough points? In that case, he can redeem a reward. Click here to read how your customer can redeem a reward.
  • Your customer can also redeem a coupon via the Joyn Business App!

TIP: Did your customer just redeem their reward? In that case, you can give him this reward yourself, e.g. some extra sauce, free coffee… but the extra points need to be awarded manually as well! You can do this very easily via the app or afterwards in your merchant portal. Click here to discover how to award points via the app manually.

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