What are the advantages of an email campaign?

  • Email campaigns are very economical

Especially if you use them regularly and consistently. They don’t cost anything. And with Joyn, you have several tools at your disposal to set up your own email campaigns, quick and easy.

  • Email campaigns are efficient

Email campaigns really do boost your turnover. Sending a promotional email campaign with Joyn? Your sales activity will increase by 15%. Adding a coupon too? That 15% turns into 35%.

  • We measure it all

Your email marketing tool is linked to your dashboards on the Joyn Merchant Portal. You’ll find several stats indicating whether your campaign is working or not. You’ll find out:

    • How many times your email was opened
    • How many times your coupon was activated
    • How many customers clicked the link you added

And with all this info, you’ll make your next email campaign even more successful.

  • Email campaigns are targeted

With email campaigns, you’re sending targeted emails to your customers. That means you’re not wasting time, effort or money on trying to reach customers who are not interested in your products. Want to reach certain audiences specifically? Easy. With Joyn, you can filter by language, age and gender, so you can reach each individual target audience separately.

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