A customer database is an overview of your customers and their data. Handwritten in that thick leather book, listed in multiple Excel lists or just online – it’s a goldmine of customer information.

An online database is especially beneficial. It gives you an overview of all important customer data at a glance: name, e-mail address, birthday… Your customer database is also directly linked to your e-mail inbox. With a push of a button, you can send a nice birthday message to your customers – nothing beats a birthday wish from your favourite merchant.

But you also use your customer database …

… for personal communication. Inform your customers about offers, changes or fun facts.
… to put your customers in the spotlight. A birthday, special occasion or a regular weekday? Congratulate them, give them a discount… Thank them for being a customer.
… to welcome back customers who’ve stayed away. Haven’t seen them in a while? Send them a reminder and welcome them back to your business.

And it takes very little effort. Want to send a targeted message to specific customers? Filter the data, specify the recipients and send.