Leverage your customer database, because this is your treasure chest of information.

Information you use to send targeted emails. To make your emails not only targeted but effective, use the following tips.

Come up with an intriguing subject line. Not only will your customers be curious, they’ll open your email faster!
Drop the “Dear …”. It can be looser! Still want to maintain a certain formality? Then use ‘Hello Sir/Madam …’ as an address.
A concise and clear message. Get right to the point and focus immediately on your reader’s benefit. What is important to them?
Call your customers to action. With a call to action (CTA), you prompt customers to do something. “Use coupon? Press the button and activate it now!”

Your loyalty program also helps you send effective emails. Have some customers not visited for a while? Set up a reminder campaign via email, and welcome them back quickly. Thanks to your loyalty program, you also have access to various statistics. Are your customers fans of a particular reward or promotion? Then create something similar and send it via email.

You’ll see, those effective emails boost your sales substantially!