How can I attract new customers with Joyn?

Attracting new customers is always a bit of a challenge! And the Joyn loyalty programme can just make the difference, which means you can welcome new customers to your shop.

  • Tell your customers about Joyn and have them recommend it to friends and family!
  • Do you have a website? Create a Joyn landing page and share insights on loyalty, customer benefits and more.
  • Promote your loyalty programme on social media. Share a new promotion, post a new coupon or check with your customers which rewards they would like to receive.

By sharing as much information as possible with your customers, they will in turn share that information with the people in their environment. And that only means one thing for you: new customers!

Want to attract new customers as effectively and efficiently as possible? Start with the Joyn Advertising campaign and promote your shop to Joyn users in the local area. Users receive a notification about your shop directly on their smartphone. Click here to find out more about the Joyn Advertising campaign.

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