How do I create a webshop reward in the Merchant Portal?

  1. Generate discount codes in your webshop by using a plugin or the default code generator. 
  2. Go to the merchant portal ( and log in
  3. Go to the rewards tab and press ‘Create a new reward’.
  4. Select ‘Webshop’ on the pop-up screen.
  5. Read and click away the second pop-up by pressing ‘Got it’.
  6. Add the following on the reward creation page: 
    1. A description. If it’s a discount please include the monetary value
    2. Number of points needed
    3. Optional: Minimum order amount to be able to activate the code in the webshop. If used, this parameter should also be set for the codes in the webshop!
      The minimum order amount will be shown for consumers in the Joyn app and in an email. 
    4. Choose icon
    5. Add discount codes
    6. Optional: Checkbox to automatically notify your consumers that have the Joyn app of this reward. This is enabled by default.
  7. Press ‘Save’.
  8. While it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you add your webshop link at the general settings page. This will allow consumers to easily find your webshop.


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