What is a reward?

How do you show your customers you appreciate their business? A sincere ‘Thank you’ and ‘Have a great day’ will make them feel good. A reward will make them feel great! Small or large, everyone likes a reward.

You can create various rewards on your loyalty platform. What rewards motivate your customers the most?

  • Whether it’s a small and valuable product or a fun gift … A freebie always does the trick!
  • Discounts up to 15% and more… they will put a smile on your customer’s face and increase the total value in their shopping carts!
  • Give your customers 25 or more loyalty points, and they will be even more committed to securing that next reward. 

When do they earn a reward? You can determine that yourself. The more points your customers save, the greater the reward. This is how you motivate your customers, every time!

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