What are the different functionalities the apps offer?

Your merchant portal, the Joyn Business app on tablet and smartphone… they all differ slightly. Think of your Joyn merchant portal as the platform that runs everything behind the scenes. The Joyn Business app on the other hand is the leading star in it all. The app speeds up the point allocation and payment process. But what are the different functionalities in concrete terms?

  • The Joyn merchant portal: It offers an overview of statistics, transactions, your customer base, campaigns, coupons, rewards and more. Want to know how your shop is performing? Take a look at your statistics and use these insights to make your shop even more successful.
  • The Joyn Business App on tablet: The Joyn Business App makes awarding points a doddle. Once they have accumulated enough points, your customers can redeem rewards. Coupons too can be redeemed. The various payment integrations allow your customer to pay via the app as well. Click here to discover what payment integrations are possible.
  • The Joyn Business App on smartphone: Do you offer home delivery? Or are you on the road often? With the smartphone app, you can award points like on the tablet, but it is easier and smaller to carry with you. For the time being, you still need the tablet to redeem rewards and coupons or to pay via Joyn.

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