How to add a shareable coupon in a campaign?

  1. Go to the merchant portal ( and log in with your (merchant) credentials
  2. Go to Campaigns by selecting the campaigns tab on top
  3. Press ‘+Create new campaign’
  4. Select the ‘One-time’ campaign and press ‘Continue’
  5. Give the campaign a name so you know what the campaign’s about (users will not see this, this is a name so you as merchant can easily track what campaign it was)
  6. Add a subject line
  7. Add text for the campaign
  8. Change the shop name if you want
  9. Create a new coupon by pressing ‘+Create a new coupon’
  10. Set the start and end date of the coupon
  11. Add a description for the coupon
  12. Add a description in a another language if you want
  13. Select an icon of choice
  14. Select the shop(s) where the coupon will be valid
  15. Put a tick in ‘Shareable coupon’ → this will make it possible for your customers to share the coupon with others
  16. Press ‘Save’
  17. The newly created coupon is selected
  18. Add a link and /or attachment (optional)
  19. Select the target group and press ‘Continue’ on the bottom right of the screen
  20. Send out a test email (optional)
  21. Select when to send out the message and press ‘Send’
  22. Your campaign will be send to the chosen target group and the coupon in the campaign will be shareable by your customers

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