How do I show my customers that I offer Joyn?

After starting your membership, you will receive a Joyn welcome box. It contains lots of useful things to get you started with Joyn.

Place the flyers and affix the stickers from the welcome box in a strategic place, like the till or at your door! Is it time for your customer to pay? Ask him if he already owns a Joyn card.If he doesn’t, offer him one or suggest to download the Joyn app.

Besides this old-school method, there are many other options to promote Joyn to your customers:

  • Use social media! Post a fun announcement on Facebook and Instagram about your collaboration with Joyn. Adding a welcome coupon to your post or story acts a trigger for your customers.
  • Enter your details in the Joyn merchant portal as completely as possible. This boosts the online visibility of your shop, both in the Joyn website and in the app.
  • Print out your rewards and put them on display in your shop. This way, your customers know exactly what rewards they are saving up for.
  • Have a TV screen in the shop? Use it to show a Joyn visual on it.

    There are many ways of introducing Joyn to your customers!

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